The Forex market is the largest financial market on Earth. Open 24 hours a day from Sunday 5pm EST to Friday 5pm EST, its average daily trading volume is more than $3.2 trillion making it the most liquid market in the world. Currencies are always quoted in pairs like this: EUR/USD. When you trade currencies, you buy one while selling the other. In this case, you would be buying EUR and selling USD. The retail FX market, as the currency market is commonly called, is a purely speculative market. No physical exchange of currencies ever takes place. Popular currency pairs at XLN Trade are EUR/USD, GBP/EUR, CAD/CHF, AUD/USD and NZD/JPY.

AUD/CAD6 pips10000.0021%
AUD/CHF6 pips10000.0021%
AUD/JPY4 pips10000.0021%
AUD/NZD13 pips10000.0021%
AUD/USD4 pips10000.0021%
CAD/JPY4 pips10000.0021%
CHF/JPY4 pips10000.0021%
EUR/AUD4 pips10000.0021%
EUR/CAD5 pips10000.0021%
EUR/CHF3 pips10000.0021%
EUR/CZK35 pips10000.0021%
EUR/DKK30 pips10000.0021%
EUR/GBP4 pips10000.0021%
EUR/JPY3 pips10000.0021%
EUR/NZD13 pips10000.0021%
EUR/USD3 pips10000.0021%
EUR/ZAR200 pips10000.0021%
GBP/AUD12 pips10000.0021%
GBP/CAD6 pips10000.0021%
GBP/CHF5 pips10000.0021%
GBP/DKK30 pips10000.0021%
GBP/HUF90 pips10000.0021%
GBP/JPY6 pips10000.0021%
GBP/NOK40 pips10000.0021%
GBP/NZD15 pips10000.0021%
GBP/USD3 pips10000.0021%
GBP/ZAR350 pips10000.0021%
HKD/JPY50 pips10000.0021%
NOK/JPY50 pips10000.0021%
NZD/CAD8 pips10000.0021%
NZD/CHF6 pips10000.0021%
NZD/JPY7 pips10000.0021%
NZD/USD4 pips10000.0021%
SEK/JPY50 pips10000.0021%
SGD/JPY300 pips10000.0021%
USD/CAD4 pips10000.0021%
USD/CHF3 pips10000.0021%
USD/CNY50 pips10000.0021%
USD/CZK30 pips10000.0021%
USD/DKK30 pips10000.0021%
USD/HKD30 pips10000.0021%
USD/HUF60 pips10000.0021%
USD/JPY3 pips10000.0021%
USD/NOK30 pips10000.0021%
USD/PLN20 pips10000.0021%
USD/ZAR100 pips10000.0021%
ZAR/JPY100 pips10000.0021%